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December 13, 2023 Update

Updated: Feb 1

Just a bit of good news for the middle of the week.

Anabel is a four year old girl in Ghana who was abandoned at age three by her

mother. The mother later passed away, leaving Anabel an orphan with no one to take

care of her. We have been providing for her to stay at a shelter for children and

to go to school. It's not the best life in the world for a little girl but it's better than being abandoned and all by herself on the street like many children in Ghana are.

This week the bill for the shelter came due and we made certain that it was paid,

so Anabel is safe and protected for another month. There may still be expenses as

the month goes along for things such as clothes, toys, and any necessary medicines,

but at least for now she is being taken care of.


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