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December 17, 2023 Update

Updated: Feb 1

Nigerian girl living in Accra, Ghana.

She recently gave birth to a little baby boy. A month later, when a fire swept through

their neighborhood, the baby was almost burned to death but a neighbor managed to

rescue him. For a time both baby and mother were homeless and had to sleep outside

on the beach without shelter.

From the day he was born the little boy has had breathing problems and a serious

cough. The doctors had wanted Favour to bring him in every two weeks for a checkup

but Favour was too poor to be able to do that. They had also suggested that the

baby not not be breast-fed but baby formula costs money. After the fire the child's

condition worsened.

But now, thanks to some donated financial help, Favour is back in a rented room

with her baby. She is no longer forced to sleep on the beach.

She was also able to take the baby into a hospital for a check-up and found that he

has the flu from being outdoors at night and being exposed to moving air. She was

advised to keep him more sheltered which, fortunately, she is now able to do in her

new room. But at least the little baby's health problems are not from something

more serious, as we had feared.

She has also been given enough money for food for herself and the baby.

She still needs help but at least for now she is in shelter.


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