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December 2, 2023 Update

Updated: Feb 1

Fire Follow Up

Last week a fire swept through a poor district in the city of Accra in Ghana,

burning down many houses and leaving the residents homeless. No one was killed,

though some were injured. Some people with no place to go are now out sleeping in

the beach.

The elders have told people who lost homes to mark the corners of their property so

that they can survey them. Those who do not or cannot do so run the risk that the

authorities will simply take the land away from them.

John lost his house and there was no way to show where it had been so of course he

had to mark the corners of his lot with posts. This was the first thing he did. He

managed to buy some lumber and how has a framework up to replace the building,

though he doesn't yet have the funds to purchase sheets of plywood to finish it.

But at least the lot is marked out and he has started to rebuild.

As it turns out one of the boys who make up the dance group Little Killers was

injured in the fire after all. Originally we believed that none of them were hurt

but it turns out that Theophilus, who is more or less the leader of the group,

suffered a leg injury. Ironically his brother Johnathon, also a member of the

group, was hit by a motorcycle some days before the fire and has an injured leg

also, though of course for a different reason.

There is some worry about the little baby who almost perished in the fire but was

rescued by a neighbor. The little boy and his mother have been sleeping unsheltered

on the beach with the others and the baby is somewhat lethargic. There is no money

to take him in to the hospital so that the doctors can check on him. His problems

may simply be from sleeping on the beach or they may be from worse things. Right

now there is no way to tell.

On a side note, the little boy John found abandoned on the street some weeks ago is

being taken care of by a lady John has hired for that purpose. They were both

nowhere the area of the fire and both are fine. John took some money for the

caretaker and for now all is well with both her and the child.

There is still much suffering and need but so far everyone is holding on.


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