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December 4, 2023 Update

Updated: Feb 1

Godfrey good news

Godfrey is a little boy in Accra, Ghana. He was born in July of 2023. His mother

ran away and left the baby with his father, Isaac. Isaac has been doing his best

but he's very poor with no job or any source of income so he hasn't really been

able to care for the child as he should have.

A few weeks ago a shopkeeper brought little Godfrey to us. The father had left him

with the shopkeeper and hadn't returned. The shopkeeper asked us to take him and of

course we couldn't say no. We took him in and cared for him while we searched for

his father.

Finally we found the father and asked what he wanted for the child. The father

explained his situation and said that he would take the baby to his mother (the

father's mother; Godfrey's grandmother) to care for him but he didn't have the

money for transportation. This we provided for him and the father set off with the

baby to a neighboring village.

So now hopefully Godfrey is getting the care he needs in a loving environment. We

will keep in touch with the father and provide what help we can to both Isaac and

little Godfrey as needed.


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