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December 9, 2023 update

Updated: Feb 1


John is a musician and musical producer living in Accra, Ghana. Not only does John

sing and record his own music, he is also working to support young musicians and

dancers to help them to develop and to further their careers.

John's health is not ideal. He has serious problems with bleeding ulcers and

sometimes they cause severe, even life-threatening problems. Part of the problem is

diet. Because John has little money he cannot eat the kinds of foods his doctors

recommend. He is forced to eat foods that actually irritate the bleeding. And at

some times he simply does not have the money to buy the medcine that has so far

managed to keep his ulcers under control.

John has recently gone through a very difficult bout of passing blood in such

quantities that the doctors were afraid that he might pass out or literally drop

dead. It has been that serious.

Fortunately thanks to donations John has been able to receive treatment, including

fluids and a blood transfusion. Today he is much better and, while not cured, his

condition is basically once more under control. He is able to continue with his

musical work for himself and for others.


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