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November 20, 2023 P9 Foundation Update

Updated: Feb 1


Its difficult to cleanly put into short words those things we find have affected us. Many years ago I visited an out of the way place for work. Leaving the plane, the smell which greeted us was human filth and burned sugar cane. I had travelled to a place where I did not know anyone and did not know the language. Over the course of time, I did meet folks, and found them as telling as anyone I had ever met.

I recall finding by accident a small art gallery in a converted house out of the path of the town. I browsed, and was offered the chance to see some local naiff art done by locals. i went up into the dusty attic and was shown jumbled cartons, but cartons filled with such original art painteed by the souls of the artists of thier lives and their joys. I spent a full afternoon going thru carton after carton of the art.

Thats what life is all about. Individual self expression is art of whatever variety. To reach, to touch, to know is art. I hope that you, the reader, can find such in your travels, and reach out to others.


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