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November 23, 2023 P9 Foundation Update

Updated: Feb 1

Helping a dance team

The "Small Killers" are a dance group of five boys in Accra, Ghana. Their ages range

from 16 to 18 years. One of the boys is in school and two of the other boys go out

on fishing boats. The practice dancing together on the beach.

They perform at birthday parties and other gatherings for tips. They want to be

backup dancers for hiphop and other singers. They have appeared with John in the

concerts John and his music partner Okra have set up to showcase new talent among

the Accra beach children.

This past month Johnathon came down with a serious infection that literally

threatened his life. P9 made it possible for him to get medical help and he is now

well on the way to recovery.

Later Rasford Bill suddenly developed a severe rash on his legs. They spread

rapidly and his legs began to swell. P9 stepped in to provide the medicine needed

to treat his rash and to heal his infection.


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