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November 9, 2023 P9 Update

Updated: Feb 1

Zenabu, Haddi, and Baby Vicky

Zenabu and her husband Haddi live in Africa. They are originally from a small village but moved to a larger city looking for a better life.

They came to us for help when Zenabu was having a very difficult pregnancy. We helped them to get her needed medical care. Zenabu was hospitalized several times. One night she was lying terrified for her life in a hospital bed. Haddi was standing in the hallway openly weeping. We all truly feared she was going to die. But she made it through and finally in January 2023 Zenabu gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl.

In their culture the naming ceremony is very important. They believe that the child must be named within three weeks of birth or they may die. Until then the child must be kept out of sight.

We helped pay for the naming ceremony so that the little girl can be brought out and introduced to the world. They named her Vicky. Vicky is now a treasured member of the community.

Haddi and Zenabu are still very poor. Vicky is less than a year old and she needs all of the things a little baby needs- diapers, clothes, vaccination against childhood illnesses, formula, and other things. Haddi and Zenabu need basics themselves, including even money for food.

Haddi and Zenabu have also asked for help to buy a refrigerator, not only to help preserve their own food. They want to sell iced water. That is one of our goals to help them with so that they might be able to provide for themselves.

Your donations help to make the work P9 Foundation tries to do possible. Thank you!


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