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October 17, 2023

Updated: Feb 1

P9 Foundation helps Singers and Dancers find their Voice

P9 Foundation helps artists of all variety whenever possible. John, one of our

members in Africa, has been working to set up a music studio where

poor young singers and musicians can record their work. John then posts it on the

internet so they can gain public recognition and further their hope for careers in

singing and music.

Many of the kids John is helping are homeless and living on the beach in a major

African city. They have nothing but their music and their desire to to share their

talents with the world.

Despite having very limited funds to work with, John has managed to acquire the

necessary equipment bit by bit and piece by piece. Much of it has been donated by


One piece of equipment John desperately needed was a microphone. When he wanted to

make a recording he had to rent a microphone and of course that limited his

production until he had the funds to pay each time he wanted to record a song.

This past week a microphone more less fell into John's lap. A stranger who had

heard of his work came to him and offered to sell him a virtually new microphone

for less than half price. The seller was himself in great need and was taking a

significant loss. Even this was difficult but John managed to arrange for the

purchase and now he has every major piece of equipment he needs to record music. So

that was a major step forward in his desire to help the kids.

John still needs a video camera to be able to record images and public performances

but at least now he can record music. So that is a good thing.

P9 Foundation helps support artists of all variety whenever possible, thru medical, housing, education and supplies. Your donations help make the world a more beautiful place.


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