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October 20,2023 P9 Foundation Update

Updated: Feb 1

P9 Foundation helps Singers rise up

Eliot was found wandering the streets in a large African city. He was fifteen years

old. He had run away from a small village where his father and stepmother were

treating him badly. He had come with another boy his own age but they had become

separated and he was lost and alone. P9 took him in, reconciled him with his

parents, and arranged for his education.

Eliot wants to be a musician. He sings and also writes music. He is very talented.

P9 Foundation helps fund his day-by-day living expenses and to continue his education.

His goal is to receive professional musical training and to continue his career as a


P9 Foundation helps artists, helps families, helps medical, helps housing, helps as we

can in the needs of all varieties of artists. As always, your donations help make the work of P9 Foundation a reality.


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