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October 25, 2023 P9 Update

Updated: Feb 1

Anabel at School

Anabel is a little African girl. Her mother abandoned her when Anabel was three

years old. She was found by street children who took her to us. We arranged for

Anabel to stay in a shelter and we have been funding her care for about a year.

Among other things, we helped her medical expenses when she came down with the

measles, a very dangerous illness for such a young child.

Most recently, thanks to donations, we have been able to pay Anabel's tuition so she is just starting school.

We feel honored to be able to help such a beautiful child with so much promise to

offer the world.

October 25, 2023

Anabel Update for the Week

Anabel is busy getting settled in at school, a new experience for her. After the

expenses of tuition and necessities such as her uniform and backpack she needed

school supplies. We were asked to provide funding so that she could have things like

crayons and a coloring book. She is now busy learning the things children everywhere

learn in kindergarten.

This school is associated with the day care center where Anabel is staying. Many of

the children go home at night but some, like Anabel, stay overnight. Anabel is a

special case because she has no home to go to. As stated above, Anabel was

abandoned by her mother and then a few months ago Anabel's mother passed away so

Anabel is an orphan now. She has no place else to go.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation. Like all children Anabel needs a family

and a home. But for now she has a place to stay and is being taken care of.

We were asked to provide a small amount of money so that the care center can

purchase such things as milk and bread for Anabel at night when she is crying and

needs a little extra food to help settle her down. This we gladly provided. It is

sad that she cannot be comforted by loving parents but we will do what we can for

her welfare and happiness.

They have told us that any money for clothes and toys would be very helpful. We are

working on that.

And we are trying to plan for her future.

Your donations help make P9 Foundation work.


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