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October 27, 2023 P9 Update

Updated: Feb 1

New Life

Favour is a seventeen year old Nigerian girl living in Accra, Ghana. Favour is part of the extended family of the artists we help there. She worked as an assistant hair stylist but she became pregnant and was forced to quit her job. Her boyfriend ran off to another town. With no help and no other place else to turn, Favour was sleeping outdoors under a table at the beach.

She came to us asking for help and we gave her a small amount of money for food. We

arranged for her to go to the hospital for a checkup. The doctors said that

everything was okay with her pregnancy, but they want to see her again in two weeks.

We will make certain that she will go in.

Right now Favour is staying in a room that was kindly provided for her by a friend

but at the end of the month she will have to leave. We will take her in and let her

stay in a room in our small shelter until the child is born and then we will try to

get her established on her own.

Right now, of course, the main concern is to make certain that she has food,

shelter, and medical care for the rest of her pregnancy. After the child is born

she and the baby will need the usual care a young mother and baby require.

We will do what we can.

Your donation enables P9 Foundation to do what we can for those in need.


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