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October 29,2023 P9 Update

Updated: Feb 1

New Life Update

Part of our goal at P9 Foundation is to help people who come to us with sudden emergencies. Helping them with their artistic training and their careers is important but if

they don't have the basic necessities of life they will not be able to have any

sort of successful career. So health, shelter, and food and clothing come first.

Early in October a seventeen year old Nigerian girl named Favour came to our

contact John in Accra in Ghana asking for help. She was nine months pregnant and

homeless and alone. The father of the baby had run away to another town. Favour had

been working as an assistant hairdresser but when she became pregnant she had lost

her job. Things were so bad that the girl was sleeping under a table out on the


John promised that we would help to care for her through her pregnancy and

afterward. He gave her some money for food and arranged for her to stay through the

end of the month in a room provided by a friend.

On the 28th of October, Favour went into labor. John took her to the hospital and

signed to be responsible for her care. Shortly after she was admitted, Favour gave

birth to a little baby boy. John bought the required basic necessities such as

towels and diapers and brought them in to her.

Favour and her baby will be released on the 31st of October. John will be there to

pay the final bill and take her to a room that we have available for homeless

people in emergencies. We will do our best to make sure that the new mother and her

baby have everything they need to make a new start in life.

Donations enable P9 Foundation to try to help. Your donations matter. Thank you.


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