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October 10, 2023 P9 Foundation Update

Updated: Feb 1

This Week on P9:

Well, we managed to make it through another week with all of our members without

any major problems or catastrophes. Due to circumstances, we weren't able to move

things forward as much as we would have liked but at least no one lost ground.

Our little orphan girl, four year old Anabel, started school on Monday and this

week she needed funds for school supplies. She needed coloring books and crayons

and I don't know what else. Basic school stuff. So we managed to get that taken

care of and she's doing fine.

Starving, homeless artist Anthony is off the streets. We managed to arrange for him

to stay in a room with several others, sharing the rent. He still has a nasty

injury on his foot that may require more medical attention and there is always the

problem of food, but we have taken the first steps in rescuing him from desperate,

starving homelessness.

John has a serious, continuing medical condition that causes him to have episodes

of passing large quantities of blood. More than once he has almost died of it. This

past week he had another bout of bleeding and wound up briefly in the hospital. He

is now home and on medication.

John is our go-to man for most of our current work in Africa. Because he has been

so ill we haven't done much there, so it has been a quiet week. But everyone has

held together and we hope to be much more active soon.

P9 Foundation - helping fund artists, their families and extended families in dire need


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