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People Projects

We work with people projects. Here are a few:


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P9 Foundation works to help fund urgent medical care, help fund clothing, fund education, help fund school supplies, help fund food and help fund housing.

John in Ghana

John lives in a poor neighborhood in Accra, Ghana. He is a songwriter, musician, singer, and producer. He also works to promote new talent and support and encourage new talent.

John also does what he can to help those worse off than himself. People come to him in desperate need- ill, homeless, hungry- and he always tries to take care of them.

This is especially challenging for him because John himself is very poor and his health is not good. But he constantly works for others, even when he has to go without.

John's goal is to expand his production company with the equipment needed to make videos and high quality recordings. He seeks to benefit not only himself but also others who have musical and performing talent but simply have no way to reach out to the public.
Also John would like to do more to help the homeless children- to provide them with food, a safe place to stay and an education so that they will not only survive but also have a future to look forward to.


Anabel is a little girl living in Ghana. She was abandoned by her mother when she was three years old. Some homeless children found her and brought her to John, who arranged for her to stay in a private children's care center. We have been paying her monthly fees since then so that she is safe and has a place to stay.


Anabel's mother passed away not long after she abandoned her. Her last words were to ask that someone continue to care for Anabel and we will do that for as long as we are able. She started to attend the private school associated with the center last year. She has had her share of illnesses, including a bout of the measles last year, but so
far she is making it okay.


Last month Anabel celebrated her fifth birthday with a small party attended by her classmates and friends. In the past two years we have watched her grow from a timid toddler to a self-assured little girl. We are working to assure that she will have a future.



Gofred is a five year old boy who was found alone and homeless on the beach in Accra, Ghana. He has no mother. His father had left for a few days of work in a neighboring country and he hadn't returned. Gofred was also ill, suffering from an internal infection. John took in Gofred in to stay with him and arranged for him to receive the medical treatment he needed. John then cared for the boy until his father finally returned, some days later. The father then left with the little boy to go back to the village where they had originally lived, in the interior of Ghana.The father recently reached out to John, telling him that the child was ill and asking for help. Though short on funds himself, John made the trip to see Gofred
and talked with the little boy's doctor to arrange for his care. Among other
things, John bought mosquito netting for the little boy's bed to protect him from disease-carrying mosquitoes. He also brought some toys to share with Gofred and the other children there.


Because he had very little money to start with, John had difficulty purchasing the ticket to get back home to Accra. He wound up having to sell his phone to raise the necessary money. He has only very recently been able to replace the phone and recover from the expenses of the trip.


Gofred still needs some medicines but at least he has received the basic care he needed.

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