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Welcome to the P9 Foundation website, the place for artists, musicians, and creative people of all types and interests! And for those who love them!
P9 Foundation is a nonprofit organization set up to support creative people in need, to help them and their families as they work to perfect their skills and to become successful in their chosen fields. It is a place where they can showcase their products and interact with customers and those who may wish to sponsor them in furthering their careers.


We also help people of all kinds in need and we offer a place where they can reach out to others and ask for help for specific emergencies and challenges in their lives. To this end we will link to GoFundMe and other sites where people can donate to them. We do this as a service to people in need in general. To Donate directly to P9 Foundation, we still use the services of Zeffy, any donors thru Zeffy are provided with a tax credit letter.


If you have been to our website before you may have found that we haven't really been very active here lately. Our apologies! We have had some of our own challenges to deal with and we haven't been able to give P9 and our website the attention they deserve. But we have finished our reorganization and now we are back and ready to go!


We will be working hard on this site in the near future, to clean out some older, outdated content and to add all sorts of new things. So welcome to our website.


Check back often, look around and see what we have to offer. We will do everything we can to make it worth your time!

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