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Johns House May 29, 2024

John is a singer, songwriter, performer, and music producer living in Accra, Ghana.

He has a You Tube channel where he posts his songs and videos and he is currently

working on his own online movie.

Some months ago a fire burned through the neighborhood where John was living,

destroying the entire area. His simple home was reduced to ashes. John managed to

save a few of his possessions but basically he lost everything. Since then John has

been struggling, often reduced to sleeping on the beach with the other homeless


But thanks to some very kind people who donated to help him, John is in the process

of rebuilding his home on the lot where the original house stood. He had put up the

framework earlier but this week he has managed to purchase the plywood, lumber,

nails, and other supplies needed to finish the job. The workers he hired to do the

job have finished all but the roof. Hopefully that will be done before the weekend

is over.

Congratulations to John and deep gratitude to all of those kind souls who helped

him in his need.


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