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Baby Donald Teething Update July 4, 2024

Baby Donald is teething

Just a little update on what should be a small thing but it is a true victory and

something to celebrate.

Favour's baby Donald is teething.

Favour came to John when she was 17, pregnant and alone, homeless and living on the

beach in Accra, Ghana. Thanks to John's help, Favour was able to give birth to her

little baby boy in a local hospital under proper medical care.

The baby has has some health problems and the doctors asked that he be taken in for

an exam every three weeks, but due to lack of money that was simply not possible.

He has had some breathing problems and other issues. He even almost perished in a

fire that destroyed the neighborhood where he and his mother were living when he

was less than a month old. His short life has not been easy and I frankly feared

that he was not meant to survive.

But he is tougher than I thought. He has survived and grown and now he is starting

to enter the next stage of a little baby's life. He is starting to grow in his baby

teeth. Of course he is in pain and suffering, as all babies do when they are

teething, but he is alive and he is growing into a proper little boy.

A small victory that most take for granted, but Donald has had to fight for his

life since the day he was born. That he has even reached this stage is something of

a miracle, and something to celebrate.


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