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Naming Ceremony April19, 2024

Favour came to ask for help about six months ago. She was a pregnant seventeen year

old Nigerian girl living homeless on the beach in Accra, Ghana. Her boyfriend had

abandoned her and she had lost her job because of her pregnancy. With our help she

was able to give birth safely in hospital to a beautiful little boy. Since that

time we have been doing what we can for both Favour and the baby.

Due to limited funds we haven't been able to do as much as we would like but this

last week, after a long delay, we were finally able to fund the baby's Naming

Ceremony. This is very important. It gives the baby his official name and makes him

a fully accepted member of his community. The baby becomes a person and is no

longer just someone's child. It is also a community celebration of his birth and a

public welcome of the child to the parents' circle of friends and relatives.

On April 14, 2024 Favour's baby was named Donald Buoteng Amuouoah. We welcome him

to the world and wish all good things for his future.


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