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Congratulations! April 10, 2024

Updated: Apr 18

Favour is an eighteen

year old Nigerian girl living in Accra, Ghana. Last fall she

came to us asking for help. She was alone, and homeless, sleeping under a

table on the beach.

Since then life has been a struggle for Favour and her baby. The little boy has not

been in good health and several times he has needed medical treatment that Favour

needed help to pay for. Just providing the basic baby needs, even including food,

has been a challenge. And as if things weren't bad enough, they lost what little

they had and the baby almost perished in a fire that swept through the neighborhood

several months ago.

They have survived and finally the big moment has arrived. This past Sunday, April

7h, the baby will have his official naming ceremony that will make him a real

person and member of the community in his own right. This has been long delayed

because of lack of funds but now we are finally able to get it done.

Congratulations to both mother and baby in this milestone in their lives.


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