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Anabel Update June 14, 2024

Anabel is a little girl who lives in Ghana. Her mother became involved in drugs and

abandoned her when she was three years old. Her mother later passed away, leaving

Anabel an orphan.

Anabel is now five years old and living in a private child care center. It is not

an ideal situation for a little girl to be living in an institution, but at least

she is being cared for and she is not simply another homeless child wandering the

streets. She has food and shelter and someone to watch out for her welfare. She

began attending school some months ago and hopefully she will be able to get an

education and have a successful life as she gets older.

Some weeks ago Anabel hurt her leg while playing with the other children. The

injury didn't seem too severe but as time went on it became worse and finally the

matron called John asking for the funds necessary for her to get proper medical

treatment. The amount needed was small but the care center insisted that it be paid

before she would be taken care of. Thankfully we were able to get the funds to them

promptly and Anabel received the care she needed. She is now fully on the mend.

A small emergency but even small problems are difficult when one doesn't have the

ability to get them taken care of.

For now things are well.


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