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Johns House Update June 3, 2024

Updated: Jun 19

This week most of the focus has been on rebuilding John's house in Accra that was

destroyed in a fire earlier in the year. immediately after the fire we managed to

restore the basic framework but that was all. For months the framework stood bare

and empty while John had to struggle to find a place to stay. But finally the funds

to rebuild were made available. Plywood, two by fours, screws, nails and other

supplies were purchased and a carpenter was hired to do the actual work.

The building was finished in just a few days. It is basically nothing more than a

simple shed but in that area few homes are more than that. It provides a place for

John to live in a secure situation and for him to keep his few possessions.

One of the more expensive items was a staircase that was placed along one outside

wall giving John access to the roof. When more funds are available will be able to

enclose the roof and add a second floor but for now the roof is a safe place for

people to sleep when they come to John in need of somewhere to stay. The roof still

needs to be covered with a tarp or something more permanent to keep rain from

leaking in but for now the building is basically done.

In other news, Anabel the five year old orphan girl who is staying in the child

care center in Ghana hurt her knee while playing with the other children but she is

doing alright. Jhn hasn't been able to go and visit her but he keeps in close touch

with the matron there and she sent John new photos of Anabel that show how much she

has grown in the two years since we have been taking care of her.

Earlier John made the trip to a city some distance from Accra to visit six year old

Gofred. John had cared for Gofred for a time last year when his father left for

work in another nation and abandoned Gofred alone on the beach in Accra. When the

father returned he took the child with him to a village in Ghana some distance from

Accra. John was recently informed that Gofred was sick so he went to see him and

provide what funds he could to help.

Unfortunately John's health is not good and the trip affected him badly. He made it

back home but then a week or so later he made the trip again to deliver more funds

for the child's welfare and the same thing happened. This time John wound up in the

hospital. The doctors gave him a blood transfusion and provided a list of needed

medicines but at that time John didn't have the money to buy them. He went home and

has been very weak but today he managed to get the medicines he needs so hopefully

he will begin to recover and regain his strength.


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