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June 5, 2024 John Got Sick

John has a continuing health problem that causes severe blood loss through anal

bleeding when he strains himself or overworks physically.

For the last two weeks he has been pushing his limits. First he made a trip to the

city of Koforidua by public transport over very rough and bumpy roads. Shortly

after he got back to Accra he helped the carpenter build his house on the beach

there. He then immediately took another trip to Koforidua to take money to the

matron who is caring for six year old Gofred to pay for his medicines and his

schooling. As a result of all of the strain John wound up in the hospital, very

weak and debilitated. Aside from the sheer physical weakness the white of his eyes

turned color and he had a hard time focusing. Even staying awake was an effort.

John was given several drips and also a blood transfusion. The doctors told him he

needed medicine but he didn't have the money for it so he simply went home, where

he had a very difficult several days until the funds were available for his

medicines. He bought those yesterday and now has been told to rest for two or three

days without straining himself further.

It has been a very difficult time for John, and most of it was because he tried to

help a child in need.


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