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Update about Alan

Alan is a young man with the goal of becoming a photographer of nature and

landscapes. Because he is very poor he couldn't afford to buy even the most basic

equipment. He was able to communicate with the world only through a very old

cellphone that couldn't even take pictures. He was so busy just trying to survive

that he could only dream of fulfilling his desires to become a professional


Recently Alan managed to buy a cellphone that can take pictures. It's old and used

but still far better than what he had before. He is overjoyed and is guarding his

new phone with his life. He has already begun experimenting in the art of

photography and setting up and taking quality pictures.

Unfortunately just as he began training himself in photography Alan became

seriously ill. He didn't have the money to see a doctor but we managed to arrange

that for him and now he is receiving treatment. He seems to be getting better. The

doctors told him that the combination of his infection and the general weakness

from malnourishment may well have killed him. So we are watching anxiously as he

continues to update us on his condition.

But he is responding well to treatment and for now things are going well.


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