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Update- John's House is Finished June 12, 2024

John is a musician living in Accra, Ghana. Some time ago a fire swept through the

poor neighborhood where he was living and destroyed his house. Recently John

managed to rebuild. The current structure ia a simple shack- a bare framework

covered with plywood-but it gives him a place to live and keep his things.

Rebuilding his home was a major accomplishment in his life.

The house had a few problems that had to be taken care of. At first the roof leaked

terribly. He nw has it covered with a tarp, not a permanent solution but at least

it keeps him and his possessions dry. Also the rain, warmth, and humidity began

almost immediately to rot the plywood. It became extremely important to protect the

wood with a coat of paint. He has almost finished with that. He ran out of paint

just before he was finished but it will get done.

Hopefully that is the last of the chores before the house is fully finished. This

has been a long time coming but finally John is back home in his own place.


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