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Vicky Update Update July 8, 2024

Vicky is the year and a half old baby girl of Zenabu and her husband Haddi. They

live in a very poor area of Ghana. They are struggling to survive and to care for

their little girl. John helps when he can but funds are limited and he lives some

distance away so he is not always at hand when problems arise.

Recently Haddi sent a message to John that Vicky wasn't feeling well. He put John

in contact with the doctor at the hospital where the baby had been born, who told

him that yes, the child was indeed ill with bronchitis and needed medical treatment.

John went to visit Haddi and Zenabu and gave them a small amount of money so that

Vicky could be taken care of. He found the small family living in extremely dire

circumstances. He took some photos and promised to return with more funds soon.

We try not to abandon those who are a part of the small group of people we

have been trying to help. We try to be there for them when they are in need.


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