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Anabel Very Quick Update June 26, 2024

Anabel is a five year old orphan girl in Ghana. She was abandoned by her mother

when she was three years old and we have been helping to pay for her to stay at a

private child care center. Her mother has since passed away so Anabel has no one at

all to turn to except us.

Like all small children, Anabel has had her ups and downs. About a year ago she had

the measles. She sometimes gets rashes from sleeping with the other children in a

hot room with very little ventilation. Earlier this month she hurt her leg while

playing with the other children. But she has been getting along.

Just last night John sent me a message he had received from the matron of the child

care center. Anabel was sick to her stomach and was vomiting. Fortunately this

seems to have been nothing more than a temporary tummyache and she seems to be fine

today. We are still waiting to hear the latest on her condition.

Of course children get sick and then recover all on their own as a matter of

course. Kids seem to pick up every single flu and virus that comes their way and

are none the worse for it. The matron who is caring for Anabel seems to be

conscientious and to truly care for Anabel's welfare.

And then, of course, there are dangerous diseases that cause more than a day or two

of stomach pains. We have lost people who died because they did not receive the

necessary medical treatment soon enough, or at all. So it is natural that we should

be concerned to hear that Anabel is not feeling well. She is our responsibility and

it is our chosen task to make sure that she receives the best care possible.

In this case it looks like everything will be fine. Hopefully that will continue to

be the case. Anabel needs the best care that we can provide for her.


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